Cyber Attacks on Transportation Infrastructure

When discussing a cyberattack in transportation industry, it is important to look at the recent technological advancements that the industry enjoys. The transportation system has gone through many significant transformations by technological evolution. It has now on the verge of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is making a better and safer driving and traffic management for everyone. New transportation and new technology on-road are emerging to support transit-oriented development. Even vehicle specifications are upgrading with IoT facility that connects to the network infrastructure for a better and real-time management.

Synchronizing traffic signals, prioritizing signals in lanes, electronic information signs, and variable speed limit signs are all part of the growing ITS industry. It automatically distributes real-time traffic data to the websites, social media feeds, mobile apps, and local TV and radio stations. On the other hand, connected technology focuses on wireless communications for smart vehicles and control speed, heading, and direction. However, the evolution of technology and unsecured network connection can open a loophole to cyberattack in transportation industry and it may create fatalities. 

Cyberattack in Transportation Industry

The advancement of information technology and interactive has improved efficiency and functionality for the transportation facility. It attributed the network in aviation, roads and bridges, inland waterways, ports, railway as well as in transit. This also increases the risk of cyberattack in transportation industry that is also important to have top-notch protection for a safe and continuous operation of the transportation system. 116 cyber-attacks occur every day globally and 40% of these attacks occur due to data breaches by hackers.

Cyberattack in transportation industry can cause potential risk associated with various reasons, such as network disruption, unauthorized access, data breach, and unintentional data disclosure. It will involve the information system and cause vulnerabilities.

The number of cyberattack in transportation industry is growing. The related losses are also huge that require the implementation of a resilient and firmware-based cybersecurity solution. The transportation infrastructure can solely achieve success with technological improvements with the X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure. Flexxon introduces the world’s first AI-Embedded cybersecurity technology that can eliminate the risks of cyberattack in transportation industry.

Benefits of X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure Solution

The X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure Solution has been attributed with built-in AI technology that is optimized for dense computing in shared networks. The integrated AI Co-Processor Quantum Engine monitors threats in real-time and prohibits attacks to ensure secure data transfer. It also comprises with self-learning feature that patches the gateway of the vulnerable threats and enables firmware-level protection. It has high-functioning threat detection and a hardware sensor for anomaly detection through data access patterns.

The X-PHY® facilitates continual vigilance for constant data protection because it never trusts anyone. It is a perfect solution with the following benefits:

Prohibits Network Disruption: The hackers can launch DDoS or MitM attacks and cause network disruption in transportation infrastructure. The X-PHY® facilitates Keycode Encryption, Signalock, and Security Scout enables protection in Rooted Firmware Protected Engine and Power Shield.

Defense Cyber Extortion: Systems can be hacked by social engineering by installing malware software by clicking on malicious links or attachments through phishing emails and takes control by spoofing. The X-PHY® is featured with Guardian Pro-X, Anti-Virus Warden, and Active Detective along with AI-based Security Engine forbids attacks.

Prevents Data Breach: The attackers will invade the system through lost or stolen devices or inject malicious code into the server or by error configuration that will put some serious harmful effect on the transportation infrastructure. Rapid Purge-X, Anti-Virus Warden, and Security Scout paired with Hardware Shield, Secure Connectivity, and Intelligent Activity App to prevent cyber-attacks.

Forbids Unauthorized Access: The threat agent can invade into the transportation system infrastructure by password attack and decrypt access verification with fraudulent access. The Keycode 2-Factor and Active Detective features with Secure Connectivity of X-PHY® forbid certain actions from happening.

Safe Transportation Infrastructure Ensured with the X-PHY®

The transportation infrastructure must ensure a safer network facility to eliminate the fatalities caused by a cyberattack in transportation industry. By implementing X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure solution will provide firmware-based security so that the network can have a safe data transmission and control over the traffic system. Close multiple potential entry points for hackers into the transportation facility by implementing AI-embedded cybersecurity solutions and build risk-free smart cities.


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