Cyber Secure Medical and Healthcare Sector

Cyber Secure Medical and Healthcare Sector

The digitalization of technology has improved the medical and healthcare sector. The connected medical devices enable monitoring activities for patients’ admissions as well as in diagnosis. Modern healthcare facilities are attributed to IT sectors for data transmission in different departments depending on the diagnosis criteria. 

The medical sector consolidates with patient’s essential and confidential data every day. Other than that medical network also contains valuable financial information. It involves online services like shares analysis results through portals, connects various devices like remote monitoring systems, connects wristbands, pill dispensers, etc. Thus, it relates with multiple software and functions to make sure a precise diagnosing process that increases the cyber-related risks. 

Cyber Attacks on Healthcare Facility

The Revolution of technology in medical and healthcare facility has made things easier. However, the interconnection with EHRs can open up a loophole for hackers to access data. Cyber-threats in the medical sector faces major consequences for financial loss and breach of privacy. Data confidentiality is affected due to sharing details online and data integrity directly affects patient’s privacy. 

Medical devices usually are the easy entry points for cyber-threats. The healthcare facility can experience damage and disruption caused by malware, ransomware, phishing, data breaches, DDoS attacks, crypto-jacking, supply chain attacks, and so on.  The modern and sophisticated IT infrastructure is prone to cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Ensuring healthcare information security is the major concern for service providers. Currently, this problem is a top priority for the systems to manage without compromising. If proper action is not taken in time to enable a powerful defense, then the damage cannot be mitigated. For a reliable and safe cybersecurity assurance, a system-level solution is essential. To ensure security from the core, Flexxon introduces the world’s first standalone X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure Solution for the safekeeping of crucial data inside the medical devices.

Benefits of X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure Solution

The X-PHY® AI, Cyber Secure Solution is incorporated with an AI-embedded protection facility to optimize protection for the shared medical networks. It ensures constant monitoring through the built-in AI Co-Processor Quantum Engine that also protects transmitted data while sharing. To block the gateway of cyber-threats, the self-learning and high-functioning threat detection feature enhances firmware-level protection and detects malware in real-time. The hardware sensors also detect anomalies in data access patterns. 

To ensure data security the X-PHY® revolutionizes cybersecurity to facilitating continual vigilance throughout the servers. It never trusts anything and makes sure that the healthcare and medical facility can have a safer network without risking confidential patient information. The benefits include:

Defense for Malware, Ransomware, and Phishing: The hacker tries to reveal information by sending spam emails to the users, installing malware software, and diffuses spyware or ransomware. The X-PHY® ensures protection enabling AI-Based Security Engine along with the Anti-Virus Warden and Guardian Pro-X.

Protection against Data Breaches: Data breaches are caused due to some incidents regarding encrypted authorization access or lost devices. The attacker may use a random approach or password dictionary to gain access from the device. The Keycode 2-Factor, Security Scout, and Active Detective feature paired with Secure Connectivity from the X-PHY® helps in preventing certain threats.

Prevention for DDoS Attacks: This attack targets specific software and risks the layers and the infrastructure security by flooding the systems, servers, or networks with malicious traffic. The X-PHY® enables multilayer protection enabling boot loader in Rooted Firmware Protected Engine, Keycode Encryption, and Signalock feature.

Forbid Cryptojacking: The attackers target a vulnerable website to inject a script into the devices while unprotected visitors visit that website. Even mining software can be installed into IoT devices and networks. To prohibit crypto-jacking, the X-PHY® featured with Keycode Encryption and Guardian Pro-X enabling Secure Connectivity.

Prohibit Supple-Chain Attacks: The cybercriminals intercept the data transmission delivery from a supplier to inject anomaly into the device. By the attack, the firmware becomes exposed and causes data leakage. The Keycode Pro-X together with Rooted Firmware Protected Engine features of the X-PHY® monitors the AI-based firmware attacks and prohibits entering into the system.

Protection of Medical and Healthcare Facility with the X-PHY®

The extensive security features and functionalities of the X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure solution leads to its user to have a safe and reliable system as well as a network facility that makes the data transmission of the medical and healthcare sector successful. For maintaining data confidentiality and integrity, the X-PHY brings the ultimate cybersecurity solution with superior devices to fight against vulnerable threats and attacks.


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