Cybersecurity For Security Surveillance Systems

Cybersecurity For Security Surveillance Systems

A security surveillance system is one of the most widely used technologies around the world. A cyber attack in security industry is both alarming and challenging. The majority of the security systems are internet-connected. The increased use of IoT devices is the reason for the dependency upon network-related video security systems. These are managed through cloud-based storage systems whereas the traditional systems are connected with the local network. These technology resources may sometimes contribute to a cyber attack in security industry. 

The advancement of security surveillance has increased the usage of IP cameras. The security system works with a simple concept where it secures the entry point and communicates with a control panel or by the command center installed in a certain location. The data in these cameras are transmitted through the network that requires to have proper protection against cyber-threats. Most often the hackers can gain access to the system security network and can tweak or slither data or may render it useless. 

A Cyber Attack on Security Industry Surveillance System

Video surveillance systems serve as the physical security exposing and deterring criminal occurrence. From that sense, video is used as data which is essential to business and contributes to police and court proceedings for the law enforcers as well. Due to this reason, the number of vulnerabilities is rising. In recent years, it has become more important to implant physical security into the system to decrease the vulnerability of cyber-attacks reducing the dependency upon IT. 

The most common types of a cyber attack in security industry that can cause some serious issues in the surveillance systems can occur from system-level, program level, firmware-level, hardware level, and network level.

A video surveillance network is prone to cyber-attacks because of poor configuration, flaws or faulty firmware, or weak password protection that gives the hackers easy access to the system. It requires to accumulate continual vigilance into the surveillance system incorporating system-level cybersecurity. Therefore, Flexxon introduces the X-PHY® AI, Cyber Secure Solution, the world’s first standalone AI-Embedded security solution from the firmware level that can ensure the utmost protection against vulnerable cyber-threats.

Benefits of X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure Solution

The integration of the AI-embedded protection of the X-PHY® AI, Cyber Secure Solution into the security system optimizes dense computing in shared networks. It comprises a built-in AI Co-Processor Quantum Engine that monitors and secures data in real-time. This cybersecurity solution combines a self-learning attribute that blocks the gateway of threats enabling firmware protection. The high-functioning threat detection features works from the firmware-level and hardware sensors detect anomalies as of data access patterns, thus greatly reducing the chance of a cyber attack in security industry.

The X-PHY® is perfect threat protection for the security system empowered with continual vigilance as it never trusts anyone. The benefits of having X-PHY® protection are:

System-Level Protection: Hackers can infect the system level by code injection, installing clickable malicious software, or abusing the machine learning model of the security system. For protecting the system level, the X-PHY® is featured with Anti-Virus Warden and Guardian Pro-X enabling AI-Based Security Engine.

Programming Level: Attacker intrigues reverse engineering by analyzing compiled code or hardware and discovers vulnerabilities and hard-coded credentials to retrieve data from the system. The Security Scout feature of the X-PHY® solution with Intelligent Activity APP determines certain threats from its activity.

Hardware-Level Protection: The threat agents change the device activity by installing rootkit or hardware-based spyware during production expose the firmware or accesses the server room terminal, camera’s firmware, obstructs the view, or disconnect. The X- PHY® enables Keycode Pro-X and Rapid Purge-X along with Rooted Firmware Protected Engine and Hardware Shield ensures protection against supply chain and physical access.

Network-Level Protection: The intruder can flood the systems, servers, or networks, breach the communication, reveals user credentials, or launched social engineering launching a phishing email to hack and steal the video data. To ensure the X- PHY® is featured with Keycode Encryption, Signalock, Security Scout, Anti-Virus Warden, and Guardian Pro-X. It also protects with AI-Based Security Engine, Rooted Firmware Protected Engine, and Power Shield


Protection of Security System with the X-PHY®

The X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure solution includes all the high-functioning security features to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of security footages. The firmware-based security solution facilitates secure data transmission over the network, monitors, and protects with the fastest reaction time. X-PHY® makes sure that the security surveillance system to be secured from hazardous cyber-attacks. X-PHY is a great solution to help mitigate the risks of a cyber attack in security industry. 

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