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X-PHY® Dimension
• The width for the X-PHY M.2 2280 Engineering Sample is 25mm. For the Customer Sample that will be ready in August 2021, the width will be reverted to standard 22mm

Operating System
• The next version of X-PHY that supports both Windows and Linux systems will be made available in Q3 2021. X-PHY users with the 1st ES version can then upgrade the X-PHY SSD using the User Application Tool.
• X-PHY M.2 2280 Engineering Sample currently supports Windows with NTFS.

X-PHY® Ransomware Detection
• To boost the accuracy of the detection, we recommend creating separate partitions for windows and user data.
• As the duration is too short, several small files might be simply renamed by the ransomware instead of being encrypted. The user needs to reboot the X-PHY to verify the file status.
• X-PHY monitors the behavior of SSD and detects any malicious activity. To avoid false positive, it will take around 2 seconds for the ransomware to be detected. During this process, only several small files may have been encrypted before X-PHY locked up the drive.

X-PHY® Cloning Detection
• Cloning detection will apply to cloning in sectors and not for the normal copying of files.
• Cloning detection is based on the read access pattern of the entire disk or individual partitions.

X-PHY® Physical Attack Detection and Rapid Purge
• For new user, we suggest to keep the PC power on 24 hours before triggering this feature.
• This feature is for advanced user only. Please do data backup to avoid data loss due to mishandling.