Industrial AIoT and Cybersecurity

Industrial AIoT and Cybersecurity

With the pace of cutting-edge technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are making things easier not just in the individual phase, also in the industrial ecosystem. IoT constantly creates big data that requires AI for decision making and high-speed networks for instruction processing. Together AI and IoT create AIoT to amplify the entire process without involving human interference.  The current industries are now investing in AIoT to boost efficiency for the expansion in the competitive edge market.

Maintaining speed and balance for confined and consolidated intelligence AIoT makes a connection for seamless communication through a powerful 5G network. It is found in industrial machines like autonomous manufacturing robots, self-driven cars, smart thermostats, automated supply-chain management, predictive maintenance sectors, and so on. The hackers can hack the system-level and take control over the device to steal data or create a mess.

Attacks on AIoT

Though AIoT minimizes the connectivity with the cloud network and gives less opportunity to hack sensitive information, still some chances remain. The hackers can utilize the process of automation to affect the devices and exploit data quickly and easily. AIoT enables data analytics by the system optimization, high performance in programmable functions and connected sources like could. It gives a push to the cloud for processing big data with faster and better power of communication.

AIoT helps to manage, analyze, and obtain insights ensuring accuracy. Besides machine learning, it has the understanding to protect physical, network, software, and encryption attacks that include threats like DDoS, PDoS, MitM, device hijacking, random password authentication approach, or inhibiting malware.

Artificial Intelligence can help to prevent multiple malicious attacks into the IoT device but to enhance protection, it also requires a strong chipset including secure boot, one-time-programmable key storage, random number generation customized encryption/ decryption instruction. An innovative solution X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure can be the key for keep data and devices safe from the firmware-level to the decision-making process.

Benefits of X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure Solution

AIoT is bringing on development into the industrial machinery providing intelligence with efficiency and productivity. Implementing AI-embedded technology will be beneficial for these industries. The AI-enabled security functions in X-PHY® ensure defense against vulnerable cyber-threats. It comprises with AI Co-Processor Quantum Engine embedded into the devices for constant threat monitoring and inhibiting in real-time. The integrated high-functioning threat detection feature from the firmware-level and hardware sensors detects anomalies in data access patterns and self-learning blocks the gateway.

The X-PHY® works as a shield against the threats and the devices comprising AIoT. It is empowered with continual vigilance because the X-PHY® never trusts anyone including benefits:

Prohibits Device Hijacking: The attacker hacks from the system level and hijacks by taking the control of the entire device. The Rapid Purge-X feature of the X-PHY® incorporates interface management software for the devices implementing Intelligent Activities App.

Protection for DoS Attacks: DDoS attacks flood the targeted device and PDoS damages the device and require immediate replacement and installation of hardware. The Signalock and Keycode Encryption feature of the X-PHY® prohibits the threats with the Rooted Firmware Protected Engine.

Defense for MitM Attacks: Attackers breaches, interrupts the traffic through the network server, filters the transmission, and steals the influential data. The X-PHY® enables Power Shield along with the Security Scout feature and comprehends autonomous power management at different levels of the system.

Forbid Password and Malware Attacks: The hacker tries to encrypt authorization access or sends malware to hack into the system and steal influential industrial information. The Anti-Virus Warden, 2-Factor Keycode, Active Detective features in X-PHY® forbids the attacks enabling AI-based Security Engine as Secure Connectivity.

Successful Operation of AIoT in The Industries

The extensive security features and functionalities of the X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure solution reduces the probabilities of susceptible cyber-attacks and preserves data accuracy. The embedded security functionalities make sure the AIoT enables devices can run successfully in the industries maintaining firmware integrity and mutual authentication.


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